The COVID - 19 pandemic and subsequent inaction by our Governor and Missouri Legislature once again shows the decision to not expand Medicaid in our state is wrong. Lack of access to adequate healthcare for thousands of Missourians will make this issue worse. This horrible sickness and subsequent quarantine are symptoms of an already broken system.

You deserve quality healthcare that is both affordable and accessible. Missouri’s Legislature has left hundreds of millions of dollars of our tax money outside of our state. All the while, our rural hospitals are closing, leaving rural Missourians miles away from accessible healthcare. Our infant and maternal mortality rates are among the highest in the country. And working-class families are having to choose between providing medicine or food, clothes and shelter for their children.

I support expanding Medicaid in Missouri. Expansion boosted the economy in the states that have already expanded benefits. Our Legislature’s argument is that Missouri cannot afford to expand Medicaid benefits to the roughly 225,000 uninsured Missourians, but this is just purely for political gain. With over 100,00 children illegitimately removed from Medicaid rolls in the past year, with rural hospitals closing at an alarming rate, and Missouri’s mothers and children dying at shocking levels, we must act now.

State Worker Pay

Jefferson City is a company town. The largest employer is the State of Missouri. The dedication of the people who work for the city is inspiring and affects everything we do; without them our entire state would not function. Year after year we hear candidates tell us it is unacceptable that our state is 50 out of 50 in state worker pay, but not one has fixed it.

I do not want to echo those talking points or want to make the same promises as the candidates that have ran before me. Because those promises should have been kept. Instead, after decades of inaction, state workers have had protections removed making it easier to fire them and Senate Bill 43 makes it almost impossible to fight wrongful termination. 

I will not go down the same path as the representatives of the past. The first bill I file will make sure that the dedication and service of state workers is fairly compensated not only monetarily but with better benefits for them and their families.

Protecting Voting Rights & Voter Choice

In 2018, more than 60% of Missourians, voted to save worker protections, raise minimum wage, and to ensure fair elections, untainted by lobbyist money and gerrymandering. Since then, we have been told that we were too stupid to know what we voted for and seen Representatives vote again and again to make sure that our votes in 2018 will not count. The people elected to represent you, are not doing their jobs. 

Missouri’s unconstitutional Voter ID restrictions was struck down by a 5-2 margin in our State Supreme Court, only for the State Legislature to try to change a few words and restrict our Constitutional Right to vote again. This is a blatant attempt to marginalize voters in order to determine the outcome of elections before they happen. 

I believe that voters should choose their representatives not the other way around. The idea that over 1 million Missourians have been called too ignorant to know what we voted for is appalling. We need representatives who want to make it easier for Missouri citizens to vote and respect the decisions they make. I promise to be that Representative.
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