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My name is Joshua Dunne. I was born in West Plains, MO, a small city in southwest Missouri, to a single mother. We relied on state programs to survive, so finding solutions to food insecurity and other issues troubling our states’ working class was part of my growing up.

In 2016, I moved to Jefferson City and quickly became involved in the local community. I currently serve as a committeeman for Ward 3 and as the Chair of the Cole County Democratic Central Committee and worked as the Campaign Manager for Sara Michael's 2018 State Representative Campaign and Gaylin Carver's successful run for Jefferson City Prosecuting Attorney. As a field interviewer for the USDA, I have seen the difficulties facing Missouri’s farm families and how policies put in place by the State and Federal governments are threatening Missouri’s agriculture. Through this involvement and the hours spent talking with the people of District 60 and Mid-Missouri, I have gained the experience and knowledge it takes to get solutions for the people of Jefferson City.

I am running for State Representative in House District 60, because we need a legislature that listens and works with Missourians; creates policies and procedures that help the people and not corporations and lobbyists; and does not try to circumvent the Missouri Constitution or the will of the voters for personal or political gain. I am running because Jefferson City deserves a Representative that shows up and cares about their constituents.

My promise to the people of District 60 is that I will not forget my roots once I get onto the House Floor. We want a Missouri where State Worker Pay is no longer the worst in United States. We deserve to live in a Missouri where families no longer must choose between medicine or food and shelter. We have a right to live in a Missouri where our choices are respected by our legislature and not consistently scorned by our elected officials.

I want to live in a Missouri where we work together to make our beloved state a better, safer, healthier place to live. You want it too, and Together, We Can.

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