Joshua Dunne

Candidate for Missouri House District 60

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Missouri’s 60th House District

Missouri’s 60th House District sits in the heart of mid-Missouri and comprises a portion of Jefferson City.

The 60th District is home to diverse communities and warm, hard-working people.
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My name is Joshua Dunne and I am running for State Representative in House District 60, because we need a legislature that listens and works with Missourians; creates policies and procedures that help the people and not corporations and lobbyists; and does not try to circumvent the Missouri Constitution or the will of the voters for personal or political gain. I am running because Jefferson City deserves a Representative that shows up and cares about their constituents.

My promise to the people of District 60 is that I will not forget my roots once I get onto the House Floor. We want a Missouri where State Worker Pay is no longer the worst in United States. We deserve to live in a Missouri where families no longer must choose between medicine or food and shelter. We have a right to live in a Missouri where our choices are respected by our legislature and not consistently scorned by our elected officials.

I want to live in a Missouri where we work together to make our beloved state a better, safer, healthier place to live. You want it too, and Together, We Can.
Joshua Dunne

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